The key questions for Chief Executives are:

If your company is hit by a crisis, how confident are you that it will be handled professionally? Will your systems and processes stand up to scrutiny from shareholders and other stakeholders?

Do you know how complete and fit for purpose your company’s crisis preparedness and capability is?

When did you last check and how?

Do you know what to tell the board if something goes seriously wrong and the company takes a reputational hit?

Often, deficiencies in how companies manage a crisis only become clear once it has been hit by a storm and the share price takes a battering, customers defect and directors and board members are held to account in the media – both social and mainstream. By then, it’s too late and senior managers often pay for these failings with their jobs and their reputations.

CrisisManagement’ AUDIT AND REVIEW

As a first step, and in addition to a full crisis management consulting capability, [READ MORE] CrisisManagement’ offers a unique audit and ‘pressure testing’ review of companies’ crisis preparedness and we make clear and concise recommendations on strengths, weaknesses and corrective measures.

  • The extent and adequacy of corporate processes to identify risks, emerging issues and governance topics
  • How well these risks/issues are addressed and integrated in general risk management work and corporate programs
  • How residual risks are managed in crisis plans, either generically or specifically
  • Overall adequacy of existing crisis management plans, training and teams
  • Crisis communications
  • Stakeholder engagement and management processes
  • Deeper dives into hazards to which the company is particularly exposed, due to its geographical reach and sector issues
  • CrisisManagement’s report and practical recommendations are delivered personally in a presentation to the client’s management and in written form

The audit findings feed through to recommendations on practical improvements to crisis management capability, based on real-world business experience.

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All work undertaken by ‘CrisisManagement’ is on the basis of a strict NDA.