Our approach is based on experience of having successfully developed and led crisis response and issues management in a Fortune 500 company for more than a decade. We combine this corporate pedigree with insights gained from careers in crisis/issues management consulting and previously in journalism with national and international media. We are Swiss-based with experience of working across many countries, cultures and sectors.

These include:

Crisis early-warning systems and processes

  • Development of a systematic, sustainable approach to issues management as a proactive element of crisis management – an issue ignored is a crisis ensured
  • Development of an appropriate organizational model for crisis management
  • Development of crisis plans and manuals
  • Research and development of normative policies and practices for working in challenging countries and with controversial customers or projects
  • Identification of industry commentators and influencers who are asked to comment by the media during times of crisis. Selective engagement with these parties is also possible

Crisis communications training and consulting

  • Selection and training of crisis team members at all entity levels within a business, including corporate, business and country levels
  • Testing crisis response capability through running a range of crisis team tests and exercises at all organizational levels, ranging from tabletop and document review to full ‘as live’ scenarios
  • Media training and message development for CEOs, their teams, board members and company spokespeople
  • Cyber and data privacy
  • Social media aspects of crisis management

Topic, country, client and transaction-specific intelligence and issues identification

  • Pre-investment intelligence on a country’s risk profile
  • Pre-partnership or joint venture intelligence and analysis on a partner or client’s issues profile
  • Identifying key business, labour and human rights and reputational risks related to a particular sector or activity (eg: extractives, energy, utilities, mobility etc) across countries and activities
  • Horizon-scanning and issues management identification for feeding into Enterprise Risk Management or crisis management processes and preparations
  • Mergers and Acquisition due diligence on issues and crisis track-record of target company (from external sources)

Crisis management engagement and development

  • On a client’s instructions, we can initiate, host and facilitate exchanges of ideas and best practice between peer companies in a manner that is compliant with prevailing competition and anti-trust regulations
  • Members of our team welcome invitations for keynote speaker assignments on crisis and issues management for company and industry conferences
  • Lecturing at universities and participating in workshops at universities on crisis management and ESG issues (most of this work is pro-bono)

All work undertaken by ‘CrisisManagement’ is on the basis of a strict NDA.

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