It’s your job to prevent or fix it – your job is on the line.

Chief Executives and their teams are in the hot-seat when a crisis strikes.

All parts of a company can be impacted – from the workforce through to board members, as corporate responsibility, accountability and governance are put to the test. Customers and other business partners, as well as investors, the media and authorities are watching closely how a crisis is handled.

This isn’t something to be left to chance. A CEO and senior colleagues need a clear and independent view of the company’s crisis management capability and a rock-solid confidence that it’s fit-for-purpose. This is where ‘CrisisManagement’ comes in.

‘CrisisManagement’ is a tailored consulting service that evaluates and improves corporate crisis management capability through a variety of initiatives, tests and tools, with the ultimate aim of sustainably strengthening the company’s resilience. The first step is often the ‘CrisisManagement’ Audit and Review. [READ MORE]