Oxfam – work begins on ensuring a permanent fix for the aid sector

Since allegations emerged of aid workers participating in sex parties in disaster-stricken Haiti, Oxfam has been fighting a rear-guard action.   It’s looked like an organization that was wrong-footed from the outset, never regained the initiative and is struggling to use its undoubtedly noble values as a defence for the defenceless. This is doubly ironic,… Read More

The Presidents Club: the sound of British businessmen in five-speed reverse

20-20 hindsight is a great thing… Bear with me on this, because the fallout from this dinner is a great crisis, business ethics and risk management case study. Case study scenario: Bosses of company X are invited by supplier Y to a charity dinner as their guests where they will be treated to entertainment costing… Read More

Government issues media advice for people caught up in disasters… Really?

The UK government has issued advice for those members of the public caught up in a crisis or a disaster – don’t hold your breath – it’s mainly a marketing push for its radio, TV and newspaper complaints channels. It recommends people talk to a lawyer and that they should be aware of PR companies… Read More

The civil service has good HR processes; the government doesn’t. Discuss.

Within the course of a week, two government ministers resigned under pressure over impropriety and governance issues. Last week, Theresa May’s Defence Secretary resigned under a cloud of allegations about impropriety and because he couldn’t guarantee there was no prospect of further issues emerging. So, Gavin Williamson, erstwhile Chief Whip and holder of all the… Read More